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After the huge success of the first season, the Kangoo Juniors are back with 52 new episodes.
Napo, Kevin, Archie, Nelson and Junior-Junior are receiving Alex, a pretty Kangoo girl, at School-Island…

Most of our heroes’ schooling and youth happen to take place both in this experimental school located on an island in front of Danger City and in Sierra Kangoo. Unfortunately, this is also where Didi, Marcos, Vipvip, Rox and Roby, their opponents, live... Their only goal is too play nasty tricks on the Kangoos by fiddling their mark books, stealing their security blankets or cheating in class… But thanks to their intelligence, their sens of humour and their team spirit, the Kangoos always manage to avoid falling into their traps.
Thanks to this new series of 52 thirteen-minute episodes, the viewer will rediscover his heroes in a more funny, more sporty and more dynamic way than ever.

Further information:

A series of 52 x 13', where the viewers will meet again with the characters of Kangoo, (85 x 26'), as young, as funny, as athletic and dynamic as they have always been. Broadcaster : Fox Kids since Septembre, soon on TF1


Directed by Thibaut Chatel and Valérie Dabos, Produced by : Studios Animage
Music : Fabrice Aboulker, Sreenplay, Dialogues: Bertrand - T.Chatel - J.Monsigny

International title
Original title
Format : Shorts
Genre : Kids
Sub-Genre : Kids
Number of episodes : 104
Duration : 13'
Production year : 2004