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From childhood through becoming a man with a particular spirituality, training and war experience all the way till their last battle we dive into the lives of warriors.
Each episode reveals the secrets of the war-like cultures known for their achievements on the battlefield and the command they had of their armies as well as general knowledge on the strategy, inventions and achievements of great ancient military powers. Since the dawn of mankind, there has always been conflict. In such a vast scope of destruction and death, there have been a few civilizations, tribes and factions that have ‘thrived’ on warlike conditions.

1: The Mongols
2: The Vikings
3: The Highlanders of Scotland
4: The Celts
5: The Roman Legion
6: The Medieval Knights


Produced by KM Media
Broadcasters: Toute l'Histoire, Polsat, A&E, N-TV

International title
Original title
Format : Series 52
Genre : Documentaries
Sub-Genre : History
Number of episodes : 6
Duration : 48'
Production year : 2019