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Everything has already been said about Kubrick: biographies and documentaries have analysed his life and his work through his friends or his collaborators. But we’ve never heard it from himself, and he remains for most of us a mystery.

For the first time, this documentary will give him back his voice and let him tell us his views on the world.

On the 20th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s death, we propose a unique documentary, composed entirely of archives, extracts of his movies and rare footages, punctuated by the voice of Stanley Kubrick himself giving us the keys to understand what he had in mind.
Through Michel Ciment, film critic internationally known for being expert on Stanley Kubrick, and our adviser for this film, we have access to a series of rare interviews that occurred during their 30 years of relationship.
Combined with extraordinary resources that Kubrick’s family allowed us to use, the film will draw an intimate portrait of one of the most recognized, but yet unheard, filmmaker of all times.

Full presentation dossier available upon request.


A documentary by Grégory MONRO
Produced by Temps Noir
Broadcasters: ARTE, Ciné +, SBS and with the support of Creative Europe Media

International title
Original title
Format : 52'
Genre : Documentaries
Sub-Genre : ARTS & CULTURE
Number of episodes : 1
Duration : 52'
Production year : 2019