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Villefranche. A small bordertown lost in the heart of a large forest which makes any phone call hazardous. A place like no other, increasingly deserted by its inhabitants while crime rate is six times higher than elsewhere in the area. Besides that, everything is fine.
The urban, awkward and newly appointed prosecutor of the district, Frank Siriani, decides to settle in Villefranche to figure out the phenomenon. He meets with Major Laurène Weiss, the native and locally known « Sheriff » of the territory.
This single mother, loudmouth and strangely connected to the forest, solves criminal cases with the help of her unusual team. Each new crime makes Laurène sink deeper and deeper into secrets of the area, and encourages her to resolve the mystery that always obsessed her: her own kidnapping twenty years ago.


Suliane Brahim, Laurent Capellutto, Hubert Delattre, Camille Aguilar, Samuel Jouy

Key facts:

• #1 Monday’s Prime-Time series on France2 for 2015-2016: 17% of market share

Further information:

© EGO PRODUCTIONS/Be-FILMS/RTBF (Télévision belge) - 2016


Produced by: Ego Productions / Pascale Breugnot – Vincent Mouluquet. In coproduction with France télévisions, Be-Films & RTBF; Directed by: Thierry Poiraud and Julien Despaux; Created by Mathieu Missoffe;

International title
Original title
Format : Mini Series
Genre : Drama
Sub-Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
Number of episodes : 16
Duration : 52'
Production year : 2016