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1997… An old notable provincial family gets together in the sumptuous family castle. Each one of them accepted Hélène’s invitation for lunch to talk about the property’s renovations but the debate becomes violent when she tells her two brothers that they can no longer receive any grants. The two men refuse to pay and ask Hélène to find a solution. She then meets a certain Thomas Texier, an attractive thirty-year-old man full of energy and attention who quickly established himself as essential. In love with old stones, keen on France’s History, fascinated by the great families, he found a solution for Hélène. When the rest of the family meets him, everyone falls under his spell. However, behind his kindness hides a manipulator with no scruples able to make a whole family become paranoid…


Michèle Laroque, Laurent Stocker, Anne Consigny


Directed by Gabriel Aghion

International title
Original title
Format : 90'
Genre : Drama
Sub-Genre : Drama, Thriller
Number of episodes : 1
Duration : 90'
Production year : 2015