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Alain, who is being treated for drug addiction, is told by his doctor that he has recovered from drugs. This news does not fill him with the joy he anticipated but instead fills him with anguish: How should he live ? His first problem is to find his wife Dorothy who has left him. Unfortunately, his meeting with her is a failure: she cannot believe that he is no longer dependant on drugs, he has lied to her so often...Feeling rejected, Alain wanders through Paris all day and all night. He cornes across Michou, a transvestite and former addict, with a kind heart who believes he has found happïness prostittating himself. He returns to the publicity agency which used to employ him but no une is interested in him anymore. He meéts 4 with Peter, his eternal friend, who has settled-down with a wife and a young daughter, and wörks with computers. Alain asks him to help him die. Peter is no better than the others at convincing Alain to hold on to his life. All day Alain observes his friends cynicâlly and disillusioned. He eventually admits his incapacity to live to a humanitarian hero on a television programme.


Laurent Malet, Thierry Fortineau, Christine Boisson


Directed by Gerard Vergez

International title
Original title
FEU FOLLET, LE - La Grande Collection
Format : 90'
Genre : Drama
Sub-Genre : Drama
Number of episodes : 1
Duration : 90'
Production year : 1990