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Festival Séries Mania :  Best actresses for the three main young actresses

Humor, accuracy and emotion, Clash streches the rope between the Adult and Teengaer planets, where relationships are either passionate or fragile, tender or controversial, stifling or broken. Parents and teenagers: two spheres that live together, intertwine and avoid each other; two universes where harmony and getting along permanently on the edge; two worlds that the CLASH series explore with brand new eyes.These 6x52 episodes stage with a bitter sweet tone a group of teenagers and their respective families,exploring each protagonist's point of view.


Cristiana Reali, Jérôme Kircher, Laure Marsac,, Michel Jonasz, Mathilda May.


Directed by : Pascal Lahmani, Series created by Baya Kasmi & Pierre Linhart, Produced by Chic Films (Marco Cherqui) and Scarlett Productions (Joey Faré) - © CHIC FILMS / SCARLETT PRODUCTION / 2011

International title
Original title
Format : Mini Series
Genre : Drama
Sub-Genre : Drama
Number of episodes : 6
Duration : 52'
Production year : 2011