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ARIOL is the hero of the series. He'd be very much like any other little boy if he weren't blue, had tall ears and a huge pair of glasses perched on his nose. No finely chiselled profile, no cherub, no stick figure, no caricature is he, but a nine year old little donkey. He's a bit shy but has a wonderfully vivid imagination ! ARIOL provides young viewers with a relaxing and intimatemoment of comedy. The series itemizes a number of aspects of modern life in a fun and offbeat way. Small congenial and comic slices of life for 6 to 9 year-olds that everyone in the family will enjoy !

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An adaptation of the comic strip by d'Emmanuel Guibert and Marc Boutavant,
Directed by: Emilie Sengelin
Produced by : Folimage

International title
Original title
Format : Shorts
Genre : Kids
Sub-Genre : Kids
Number of episodes : 78
Duration : 4'
Production year : 2008