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The legendary hero, one of history's first ecologists is back. And for the first time in a cartoon series
Davy Crockett has become a legend of virtues and qualities that we can all identify with : a defender of truth, justice and nature, an ever faithful friends...He meets many characters such as : the silent Indian, Fallen-from-the Sky (is he really unable to speak ? ), Jumpy the wandering child, whom Davy rescues and who resembles him like a son. He meets also animals : Matt the puma, Blue-Grass the squirrel and others... Davy Crockett crosses paths with the wicked Misfitt bothers, the card sharp, Mc Queen, and a host of many other dangerous characters, such as, the ruthless, land owner, Steven Hawk.
he also meets Rebecca Hawk's daughter and her father ; she has eyes only for our...Davy Crockett !
So let's saddle-up for these amusing adventures.

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Territories : WORLDWIDE


Directed by : Thibault Chatel, Studios Animage.

International title
Original title
Format : Series 26
Genre : Kids
Sub-Genre : Kids
Number of episodes : 26
Duration : 26'
Production year : 1994