Idefix (aka Dogmatix) and the Indomitables
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Idefix (aka Dogmatix) and the Indomitables

Original title: Idéfix et les irréductibles

  • Serie
  • 52x11′
  • Kids
  • 2021

Set in the year 52BC, when as we know Lutetia (Paris) was entirely occupied by Romans.  The indomitables, a group of four-legged revolutionary Gauls led by Idefix, are still fighting the town’s romanization.  In the Louve, a fortified roman palace, General Labienus and his pet cat ‘Monalisa’ must finish transforming Lutetia into a proper Roman city before they can return home to Rome, tasting victory at last. Luckily Idefix and his furry friends don’t intend to sit back and watch it happen!
Producer(s) & Channel(s) : Studio 58 / GMT productions / FTV / Super RTL / M6 / RTL / Télé Québec

Director(s) : Charles Vaucelle