Kev's World
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Kev's World

Original title: Le monde selon Kev

  • Serie
  • 52x13′
  • Kids
  • 2018

“The worst thing about being 9 years that you’re 9 years old!”
Don’t do this, don’t go there, set the table, don’t use your fingers to eat, sit up, don’t slouch, stand up straight. The list of rules invented by adults is as long as it is useless. “All these rules are designed to waste kids’ time!” Of that, Kev is sure! To him, the proof is irrefutable: the adult world is seriously whacko, so why listen to them at all???
Easier said than done when you’re only 9 years old, the absolute worst age in life: too old to be a cute little kid, too young to make your own decisions and live the way you want. Until he reaches legal adulthood (the age of freeeedom!), Kev will use all the means at his disposal, including his intelligence, his wit, and his overactive imagination to achieve one goal: to be his own boss, to live life his own way.
And if that puts him directly at loggerheads with his teacher, the TERRIBLE Mrs. Toadstool, or his bossy mother, so much the better! And if his antics impress Camille, the prettiest girl in school, well, that’s just icing on the cake
The problem is that every single one of his attempts to change the world leads to trouble—trouble that he has to find a way out of. Luckily, he can always count on the help of his loyal best friend, Leo.
Producer(s) & Channel(s) : Chouette Cie / My Family / M6

Author(s) : Jean-Luc Cano & Kev Adams