Magic Kids
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Magic Kids

Original title: Magic kids

  • Serie
  • 16x26′
  • Kids
  • 2014

Now you see them, now you don't... Five kids between 7 and 14—Liona, Victor, Marco, Sam and Alex—all share one passion: magic! Every day after school they meet at their magic HQ to discover objects that'll help them solve challenges from the Magic Box. With help from Jean-Luc Bertrand (aka The Boss) the kids learn mentalism, levitation, hypnosis—even how to get an entire boat full of tourists to vanish! Plus, in each episode, viewers are taught a real magician's trick to impress friends with...presto!
Producer(s) & Channel(s) : Electron Libre productions / Canal J / Gulli

Director(s) : Jean-Luc Bertrand