The Kattenoog Mystery Club
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The Kattenoog Mystery Club

Original title: The Kattenoog mystery club

  • Serie
  • 50x10′
  • Teen & Tweens
  • 2015

The story is set in Kattenoog, a small and charming little village at the edge of a mysterious lake. For years the village has been captured by the legend of a magical stone that attracts witches, vampires and other ghosts.
To protect its inhabitants the Mystery Club was founded a long time ago. Eli (11), Robin (13) and Simone (12) dream to become members of the club. A dream that won’t come true without a challenging adventure. The legend also caught the attention of Max (17), Boris (17) and Daphne (16), the team behind Booh-TV, an online channel specialized in scary myths. They head out to the village to unravel the secret.
Will the kids discover the secret of the Magic Stone?
Ian Thomas, Kürt Rogiers, Britt Scholte, Warre Verlinden
Producer(s) & Channel(s) : Santeboetiek / Het Konijn / Goed Verhaal / VTM KZoom / RTL Telekids

Author(s) : Anjali Taneja (House of Anubis)

Director(s) : Douglas Boswell (Ao Labyrinthus)