Sonic Boom
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Sonic Boom

Original title: Sonic Boom

  • Serie
  • 104x11′
  • Kids
  • 2015

Team Sonic . . . Speeding back to kick more bot!
They’re back with a vengeance! Season 2 action is amped, yet the cast remains hilarious, cushioning blows with belly laughs. There are bizarre cases of mistaken identity, androids from an outlandish land, real live urban legends, a haunted lair, familiar faces (Shadow, Vector, and more), plus epic conflicts with new foes. Think potent crystals, mercurial mecha, slick scuba gear, stylin’ space suits, sharp snow supplies, custom cars, total team spirit, and of course, constant clashes with Dr. Eggman and his ceaseless creations!
Main broadcasters: Cartoon USA / Gulli / Canal J
Producer(s) & Channel(s) : © SEGA of America and Technicolor Animation Productions. All rights reserved.

Author(s) : Natalys Raut-Sieuzac et al. SHOWRUNNERS: Evan Baily, Bill Freiberger

Director(s) : Natalys Raut-Sieuzac