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  • Series
  • 52x13′
  • Comedy, Adventure, ON Kids & Family
  • 2020
  • New

Meet Matt, Jia, Emma and Tim! These four friends may look like ordinary second graders, but they’re anything but. That’s because when animals around the world get into trouble, they receive a special alert on their high-tech backpacks, that transform into high-tech pets! Now together with their android pets, the friends leap into action as the incredible rescue team known as the Petronix Defenders! These mighty heroes will circle the globe to rescue an animal in trouble. They might race to the Arctic to save a polar bear cub or speed off to Bali to rescue a blue whale! Wherever the Petronix Defenders go and whatever their mission is, Matt, Jia, Emma and Tim know one thing is always true: Animal problems need animal solutions! That’s why the team counts on their very special Petronix Pets that can transform even bigger into Max Mode — awesome vehicles the friends can navigate during all their incredible rescues. Let’s go, Petronix Team!