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Original title: COPY CUT

  • Serie
  • 52x13′
  • Kids
  • 2013

Ari, Mac, Yuyu and Puk are the Copy Cut : a bunch of teenagers fond of cosplay. Their favorite game : dressing up like their beloved characters! Their inspiration : the pop culture i.e. comic books, movies, video games, TV series... and more. Selected for THE great Tokyo contest, the four heroes embark in the vintage van of Babouz, the "hippy" grandma of Mac. And here they go for a crazy costumed world trip during their summer holidays! But the road is long and full of obstacles. Facing unexpected situations, the Copy Cut use their ingenuity and their talent of entertainers to solve problems... And it works ! Well, as long as it doesn't cause biggest issues...
Producers: Normaal Animation, Canal+
Director: Pierre Volto