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Original title: CHOCOTTE MINUTE

  • Serie
  • 52x13′
  • Kids
  • 2002

Crokette-sur-Mer, a small beach resort, current day... Locked up in the Lighthouse of the Damned and looking out towards Crokette-sur-Mer, Wladislas Krolak has only one thought in his head, to get his past "glory" back and return to seize control of the small town. After centuries of thinking long and hard about it, he decides to use the only power which he still has left: to frighten three youngsters, Jakob, Clarisse and The Waffle. But these three heroes are the pets of Zahya, the guardian angel protecting the resort and Krolak's sworn enemy!... At the same time, Krolak has created a strange machine which harvests the extract of fear so that he can feed on it. With this precious brew, the Jitter Juice, he hopes to regain his powers completely. Thus Jakob, Clarisse and The Waffle end up having the most fantastic adventure of their lives. They are astounded to discover that everything that they had ever imagined could become real at any moment But what the story does not say is that these resourceful imps, thanks to the advice of the sorceress Zahya, have many surprises in store for the scheming Wladislas Krolak...
Directed by : Thibaut Chatel, Valerie Dabos
Produced by : Studio Animage