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    KIDS - 65X26' - France

    Five kangaroos scour basketball playgrounds round the world with their trainer Sammy and his attractive daughter Tiffany. Springing and full of rhythm, they have a very personal "basketball touch". Wa...


    KIDS - 26X26' - France

    The legendary hero, one of history's first ecologists is back. And for the first time in a cartoon series. Davy Crockett has become a legend of virtues and qualities that we can all identify with : a ...

  • The most famous adventurer of all times: Christopher Colombus. The fabulous history of the discovery of the New World. The dangers, the suspense, the courage and the idealism for one man against all. ...

  • GOAL

    KIDS - 52X26' - France

    Soccer thrills every boy around the world, thanks to the feelings and emotions it engenders... A combination of competition, team spirit and effort. Benjamin joins the San Podesta Junior Team. He is...


    KIDS - 26X26' - France

    Cosette works at the Tenardier's inn. Life is hard... she shakes with hunger and cold and is beaten black and blue. Deprived of affection, Cosette is sinking into despair... But one winter evening a m...


    KIDS - 30X2' - France

    Blacky is feeling unwell. Blackie always feels unwell. She would like to have been born a deer, because whoever heard of a cow in a fairy tale? Her milk tastes funny: a taste of cow. Ambling by the mu...


    PRE-SCHOOL - 60X5' - France

    Two jolly little imps, brimming over with good-natured fun, solve the many problems of life, as they rival each other in imagination and ingenuity.


    KIDS - 56X3' - France

    Walking along a line, a chalk-designed character marvels and suddenly gets annoyed. When puzzled and disturbed by its meetings, its sharply asks its creator to erase and reshape, indefinitely, until t...