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Original title: THE OTHER SIDE

  • Serie
  • 8x52′
  • Thriller
  • 2023
  • New

Gabriela, an emergency doctor, is buried in front of her husband and two children. But in the evening, she rises from her grave, very much alive. She returns home to find her entire family, to whom she has never disappeared. But what happened to her? How did she die? Why did she come back? The situation becomes even more bizarre when she experiences flashes that reveal a parallel life for her family, the one following her disappearance: her husband has to manage the upbringing of his two children alone, and over time, he develops a romantic relationship with Alicia, Gabriela's sister. She then realizes that she has travelled back in time: she is now 1 year before her death, and must investigate her forthcoming death.
Produced by Good Mood
Broadcaster : Disney+