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Original title: A L'INSTINCT

  • One off
  • 1x90′
  • 2023
  • New
Produced by Scarlett Production
Directed by Myriam Vinocour
For France Télévisions

As a police lieutenant in Cayenne, the capital of his native Guyana, Teva Royer likes to rely on his instincts to shed light on the obscure parts of the cases he investigates. One day, he has to go to Nantes to investigate the suspicious death of the daughter of a rich businessman, whose body has just been found. Once there, Teva meets Ana Kerjouan, the pragmatic captain in charge of criminal investigations with whom he will team up to try to solve the mystery. The pair will quickly take advantage of their complementarity and turn it into a formidable weapon for the investigation...
Christopher Bayemi, Charlie Bruneau, Mayel Elhajaoui
Produced by Scarlett Prod