Programme Flyer



  • Limited serie
  • 4x52′
  • Thriller, Action
  • 2022
  • New

The day after 9/11, 2001: two barrels of extremely dangerous chemical products, “lost” by France, during a secret operation in the Middle East are found, bought, resold and transported from borders to borders by various traffickers on behalf of terrorists who are planning an attack in the middle of Paris. While we follow the chaotic, hard to trace path of these barrels as they make their way to Paris, an anti-terrorist operation is set up to dismantle and prevent the attack. This operation coordinates different intelligence et security services: internal, external, military and police. They share a common goal, to spot the terrorists, but their methods and their interests are sometimes incompatible. Two Parisian journalists were alerted to this large-scale operation by an anonymous source. The French state does not seem to be totally innocent, neither in the origin of the barrels nor in the methods used to recover them. At the same time, somewhere, hidden and off the radar, a man is watching. He is armed and his code name is LYNX. The countdown begins: the journalists investigate, the secret services track the terrorists who are preparing themselves when all the sudden Lynx starts to kill. We will follow his journey and that of the four other main characters involved in this race against time.
Raphaël Quenard, Nailia Harzoune, Gringe, Pierre Arditi, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Frédéric Pierrot, Idir Chender, Laurent Stocker
Produced by Scarlett Production
Directed by Laetitia Masson
For Arte