Programme Flyer


Original title: CHAMPION

  • One off
  • 1x90′
  • Drama
  • 2022

At 24 years old, Zack has all the appearances of a young man who feels good in his own skin. His secret is well kept. He’s talented carpenter, he builds tree houses with his father. But his passion is boxing, which he teaches as a volunteer. Zack is thinking of moving in with Marjorie when his father has a work accident and falls into a coma. He must face alone the task of running the small family business. The weaknesses he thought he had overcome will be brought back. And as a newcomer, Ines, enters his life, his secret is in danger of being revealed at any time: Zack is illiterate.
Kendji Girac
Produced by Vema Production
Directed by Mona Achache
For TF1