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Original title: LES SIFFLEURS

  • Serie
  • 2x90′
  • Thriller
  • 2022

Lila, a 20-year-old beautiful student, suddenly disappears. A few weeks before her disappearance, Lila had created with her friends Soso and Rebecca an Instagram account called @catcall on which she posted selfies with her daily basis street harassers in the background. Marianne Kacem, sergeant in the French research and intervention brigade, is in charge of the investigation. She can’t help but think that Lila had it coming, walking around in a miniskirt and taking pictures with her harassers. The young corporal Laurent Tardi, well intentioned and inexperienced, will assist her. He is a feminist and thinks that all stalkers are potential rapists. Together, they will investigate to find the young Lila and her kidnapper.
Ludmilla Makowski, Louise Massin, Sophie Breyer, Nadia Farès, Charles Berling, Stéphane Monpetit
Produced by Storia Television
Directed by Nathalie Marchak
Broadcated by France Télévisions