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Original title: DOLOMITES

  • Serie
  • 8x52′
  • Thriller
  • 2022
  • New
Trapped in the Dolomites

Christmas Eve. A massive avalanche has engulfed the Vanoi Valley, preventing rescue through the only pass leading to the valley. Completely isolated, with all electricity blown and communications disrupted, guests staying at a luxury hotel in the small, exclusive ski resort are suddenly cut off from the world. But if you think things couldn’t get any worse, think again, because their troubles have just begun.... Waiting for rescue, with no way of communicating with the outside world and facing depleting supplies, the guests soon discover that their predicament is just one part of a more complex clockwork mechanism that could explode at any moment. What should have been a pleasant vacation turns into a nightmare of confinement, full of characters with secrets to hide, witnesses in a protection program, shifty authorities and staff prepared to do anything. Oh, and among them, there is also a murderer. Forced to come to terms with themselves and others, vacationers and residents find they are stuck in a unique situation where the only one way out is through overcoming fears, shedding prejudices, and learning to be a community.
Alessandro Preziosi, Rike Schmid, Marco Rossetti, Aurora Ruffino
Produced by Rai Fiction Eliseo Entertainment co-production with the participation of Viola Film
Directed by Riccardo Donna