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Original title: HANDIGANG

  • One off
  • 1x90′
  • Drama
  • 2021
  • New

Sam, 17, is in High School, almost like any kid his age... His only difference is his wheelchair. He grew up with his mother, Nina. The arrival of Vincent, a new kid in school, will change a lot of things for Sam. He will make Sam realize the injustice surrounding him and his group of friends: Lila (with Asperger syndrome) and Tom (death). Together, they 'll create a gang to denounce the lack of consideration they endure every day. Far from feeling like victims, they hope to raise awareness by striking hard.
Alessandra SUBLET, Théo CURIN, Bruno WOLKOWITCH, Samira LACHHAB, Arthur LEGRAND, Mathieu HANNEDOUCHE, Angèle ROHE, Esther VALDING, Christophe HERAUT, Victor LEFEBVRE, Arsène MOSCA, Benjamin JAOUEN, Catherine RAPINI
Producer: Troisième Oeil
Director: Stéphanie PILLONCA
Broadcastor: TF1