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Original title: MARONI

  • Serie
  • 10x45′
  • Crime
  • 2017
  • 4K
  • New
Two seasons available

S01 : Rookie cop Chloé is transferred to Cayenne in French Guiana where she’s partnered with Dialo, a local cop with a prickly personality. Despite their mutual dislike, they’ll have to work together to solve the brutal, ritual murder of a French couple from the mainland. When the murdered couple’s son is discovered missing, and all clues point to a group of descendants of African slaves who worship a forest spirit called Iskander, Chloé and Dialo will have to double their efforts—and the time they spend together. Iskander takes us on a relentless journey from tin-shack favelas and mysterious hallucinogenic drugs to voodoo rituals and a troubled past that will not stay buried.

S02 : After solving her first murder case in French Guyana, Chloé Bresson must leave the dampness of the jungle to fly back to her homeland, an icy and unfriendly territory: St Pierre et Miquelon. Her mother just committed suicide. But was it really suicide?

One morning, a young local boy is found savagely murdered. Anxious to leave the island, Chloé takes every precaution not to get involved in the investiga­tion. But when her young brother François is accused by the community, the young policewoman decides to lead her own investigation to try and uncover the island’s secrets.
Stéphane Caillard, Adame Niane, Issaka Sawadogo, Jérémie Laheurte, Axel Granberger, Samuel Jouy
Director: Olivier Abbou
Producers: Frenchkiss Pictures in coproduction with ARTE France