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Original title: JEUNE & GOLRI

  • Serie
  • 8x26′
  • Comedy
  • 2021
  • New
SERIES MANIA 2021 : best series and best soundtrack - French competition

This is a story about 25-year-old Prune, a young standup on a dry spell who falls in love with broken down, middle-aged Francis. Sexy, right? Wrong. Because he comes with a daughter, Alma, his tiny sidekick with an even tinier
sense of humor.
It’s a story about Prune, with a mental age of about five and friends still coming down off molly, who suddenly has to be stepmom to an overmature six-year-old.
It’s a story about Prune who is living a nightmare…that she soon realizes is comedy gold.
It’s a story about Prune and motherhood. Unwanted, but kind of LOL.

This is a story about Prune. Definitely LOL.
Agnès Hurstel, Jonathan Lambert, Jehanne Pasquet, Marie Papillon
Director: Fanny Sidney
Producers: The Film TV, 6bony, OCS