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Original title: FACE A FACE

  • Serie
  • 12x52′
  • Crime
  • 2020
  • New

One crime. Two visions. One wants to find the culprits, the other wants them to be convicted. Vanessa, the cop who follows her instincts, breaks the rules to stop the killers. Justine, the procedural judge, makes sure the culprits are convicted. They have only one thing in common: their father. Half sisters, they are convicted to live and work together.
Claire Borotra (Vanished by the Lake), Constance Gay, Pascal Demolon (Five, The Mantis, Radiostars), Marc Ruchmann (The Hookup Plan, The Chalet)
Producer: Troisième Œil Productions
Director: Julien Zidi
  • francetv