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Original title: ROMANCE

  • Series
  • 6x52′
  • Drama, Thriller
  • 2019

Jeremy is a lonely 33-years-old man who lives in Paris. He’s never felt like he belonged to his own time. One
night, Jeremy discovers The Wonderland, a club with
live music run by a charismatic manager named Tony.
Jeremy tries out his luck and becomes a bartender there.
Dozens of photos cover the wall, telling the history of
the club. But one of them catch Jeremy’s attention: the
one of a woman on a beach, taken in Biarritz in 1960. The Wonderland will serve as a gate for Jeremy, who will find himself in Biarritz, in the 1960s. Wonderland tells the story of two people who never should have met and fall in love...
Olga Kurylenko, Pierre Deladonchamps, Simon Abkarian, Barbara Schulz
Producer: Cinétévé
Director: Hervé Hadmar
  • france2