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Original title: CONTRE-ENQUETE

  • One off
  • 1x90′
  • Drama, Thriller
  • 2015

Helene Villon is a 50 year-old journalist working for a big national daily paper.
Helen is a well respectable professional, a committed and militant journalist, specialized in social events. She is sometimes feared, even envied but her inextinguishable thirst for truth and her honnesty can drive some people mad.
Thus, when a young soldier, a war hero back from Afghanistan, leaves a mysterious message on her answering machine right before jumping off a building, Helene feels that this suicide is hiding another story.
Seeing her Chief Editor prevents her from investigating this young man's death because no one according to him is interested, Helene decides to quit the newspaper and to carry out this investigation without any support, following her conviction. She will meet war veterans and will face the sad fate reserved to the soldiers once they return home. She will also discover that this suicide actually hides a murder…
Isabel Otéro
Directed by Henri Helman