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Original title: GAIALAND

  • Limited serie
  • 4x52′
  • 2021
  • 4K
  • New
How far would you go to save the planet ?

In 1991, a peaceful tribe gathered in Northern Finland to take part in an extreme ecological and scientific experiment: setting up a camp under the Arctic Circle. Inspired by the practices of the American Indians, these European Indians live collectively under teepees, practice veganism and want to reinvent a natural tribal way of life in an industrial world that is increasingly polluting. They are guided by a man, Norman William, a metis Indian from Quebec, who informs them on how to live as coherently as possible with Gaia, Mother Nature. Among themselves, they claim to be the "Iriadamant" people who must promote tribal life as an alternative to our world to save it from a coming ecological catastrophe.
But where does this Tribe come from? The Indians are French, Belgian, Italian, Canadian, all young precursors of the ecological cause in rebellion against a destructive society. They gathered in the Paris region in the 1980s to found an ecological cooperative, before walking for 15 years across Europe and then settling in Finland.

EP1 Heal the world, make it a better place
EP2 Winter is coming
EP3 Rainbow Warriors
EP4 The end of the world
Produced by Imagissime, Aito Media
Directed by Yvonne Debeaumarché, Hannu Kontturi
Brocasted by YLE, AREENA, RTBF