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Original title: GAÏALAND

  • Serie
  • 4x52′
  • 2022
  • New
How far would you go to save the planet?

In the Paris of the 80's, a group of young idealists, sensing an ecological catastrophe to come, want to show that another world is possible. Guided by a mysterious Amerindian shaman, they practice veganism, set up organic stores and live in teepees in the middle of buildings. Quickly accused by their families and the press of being manipulated, they start a long ecological march through Europe. A chase begins between the members of this community and those who accuse them of being under their control. After 10 years of wandering, the "Tribe" finally settles in Finland, in the extreme conditions of the Great North, to live its Utopia of a tribal life in harmony with nature: how far are they willing to save "Gaïaland"? Thanks to unique archives and rare testimonies of former followers, the "Gaïaland" series dives into the fascinating true story of this community and its demons.

EP 1: Heal the world, make it a better place
EP 2: Winter is coming
EP 3: Rainbow Warriors
EP 4: The end of the world
Directors: Yvonne Debeaumarché, Hannu Kontturi
Producers: Imagissime, Aito Media, Les Gens
Broadcasters: YLE Areena, RTBF, ARTE, DR