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MEDIAWAN is the leading independent editor of thematic channels in France with an offering of 16 thematic channels and digital services to Pay-TV platforms.

MEDIAWAN also produces fiction, magazine and documentary programming and owns one the largest French-speaking program libraries, which it distributes in France and internationally.

MEDIAWAN's library comprises 15,000 hours of TV programming and includes series (Netlflix’s “Lilyhammer”, “Friends”, “True Blood”, AMC hit series “Hell on Wheels”, Canal+ “Spiral”...), iconic cartoons (Peanuts, Dragon Ball, UFO Robot Grendizer), television movies, feature films (175 titles of the Paramount movie library like “Mission Impossible”, “Forrest Gump” , "Once upon a time in the west" or “The Godfather” trilogy) and documentaries.

Over the past two years, MEDIAWAN has reinforced its position on content. It moved up the value chain to source strong content through different operations:

  • Acquisition of the company EGO Productions, producer of successful drama such as: Detective and Judge, Doc Martin, Tiger Lily, Who's The Nanny?, Diabolique...
  • Acquisition of the company Auteurs Associés, producer of Research Unit – 113x52’ (TF1 hit prime time series)
  • Industrial and strategic partnership with ON Entertainment / Method animation, producer of Premium Kids content : “The Little Prince”, “Miraculous Ladybug", “7 And Me” (first hybrid animated series), “Playmobil’s Super 4”, “Iron Man Armored Adventures”, “Peter Pan” ...
  • Development of documentary production and international sales